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It's a Secret by Divert-S

I think that the most enchanting thing about this is just how calm Marine looks; she seems more mature and elegant. The title is very fitting as well, as this power is a "secret".

Setting this at night or early morning makes Marine's bright colours stand out. The shading is very smooth and you used a good technique.

Marine's hands are almost perfect, it's just the pinkie finger on her left hand looks a little long, but other than that, they look great.

I would have to criticize her head though, it would probably look better if it was more circular.

Your art has improved a lot since I last looked at your gallery.
I can say that using Marine for this was a good choice, but if you were considering doing it again as Blaze, I would definitely say to give Blaze a crafty look, as if to "mirror" Marine.
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Divert-S Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the critique, Pyraz! :giggle:

I can admit that Marine's head and fingers don't look too proportionally correct. ^^; I think it's because I was using Manga Studio. I haven't tried using a circle for a "base", and normally, I start with circles. (well, for traditional drawings, anyway...)

A mirrored picture? hmm that sounds interesting. I haven't drawn Blaze in awhile, so I might give it a go. ;) Blaze looking all beast with her awesome fire powers... dangit, I have inspiration. :XD:

It's rare for me to get critiques, so this was quite a surprise to see in my inbox. /o\ Thank you once again, Pyraz! :)
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